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Taking risks, taking names, but not taking ourselves too seriously. We're breaking the status quo that is fashion, and building new processes and new perspectives on the clothes we wear.
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Our Story

How we started

We started unspun when we realized we could not find a fashion company to lead us into the regenerative, sustainable, responsible, intentional future we want, and quite frankly need. We’re a team of industry veterans, artists, and engineers who realized there is a problem with the way we produce clothing. The fashion industry thrives on newness. Convincing us to buy more, when what we need is less.

A tailored approach

At unspun, there are no sizes. Every pair of jeans is made custom fit to your unique body. We’re building a new system vs fixing an old one.

Of today, for tomorrow

We're for the bold and the self assured. Those who aren't afraid to break away from the pack and try something new or different. Those who lead. Those who realize you don't fix a broken system, you build a better one.

As easy as 1, 2, 3...

How it



Choose and customize your perfect pair of jeans, from waist to stitch.



Use an iPhone X or later to 3D scan your body. It takes just a few minutes.



We craft your customized jeans and ship directly to your home.


Consciously-built, sustainable jeans.

Our mission is to make the design, manufacturing, and consumption of fashion intentional. We don’t always see eye to eye with the fashion industry. We’re doing it differently.



Talk to an unspun specialist.

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How we started

Who we are

Inclusive to all people

Of today, for tomorrow

A tailored approach

How does it work


We hold community and customer events at our headquarters. From company curated custom-fit parties, to book signings, to panel discussions we design experiences that are fun, informative, and new.
San Francisco

Flagship Store 371 10th St. SF CA 94103

Weekdays: 10-7pm

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Hong Kong

Shop B2, G/F, 6-10 Shin Hing Street, Sheung Wan

By appointment only

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Remote fitting

You'll receive a google meet link to meet with a fit expert

San Francisco and Hong Kong store hours

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