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Zero-inventory denim


Every garment has an impact. We recognize that each piece of fabric and garment is from resources that we should not waste, which is why we will never make jeans before they have a home.


We're here to make intentional fashion the norm.

No inventory

Due to excess inventory, the apparel industry burns or destroys about 20% of all garments made before they are sold. We have a different approach. We make one pair of jeans at a timeー after you've ordered them. Today, a pair of unspun jeans save 42% of carbon emissions because of this no-inventory business model.


Lower returns, lower waste

100% Vegan

Designed with intention

Life cycle impact assessment

In collaboration with Resortecs®, we conducted a life cycle impact assessment (LCA) to calculate the climate impact (kg CO2-equivalents) and water use of one pair of unspun jeans. We included the entire production process, from fiber sourcing for materials, trims, and packaging, to textile processing, production transportation, and packaging. We also considered the use phase (washing, drying, ironing, and detergents) and the end of life (recycling, landfill, or incineration). We used both primary and generic data sources to calculate the total impact.

Our jeans have 42% lower carbon emissions than the benchmark. These savings are due to our zero-inventory and on-demand production models.

View the white-paper here.


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