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Bráulio Amado x unspun

Combining Bráulio Amado’s signature, irreverent approach to design with unspun's body scan technology means each design in the collection is as fun and unique as you.

New York City-based artist and graphic designer Bráulio Amado's work is characterized by audacious colors, bold patterns, and a variety of sources of inspiration from post-punk to psychedelic, to futuristic & spacey.

Notably, he has enjoyable partnerships with artists and brands such as Allbirds, Opening Ceremony, Rapha, Troy Sivan x Uniqlo- just to list a few. Some other notable names he has worked with include Beck, Frank Ocean, Róisín Murphy, Robyn, and WeTransfer.

Bráulio has a one-of-a-kind style that measurably fits our one-of-a-kind company ethos. Together, we're releasing three new and very limited edition designs created by Bráulio which each reflect his signature style. We're taking personalization and customization beyond custom fit with this collection.

The collection:

1. Straight-fit ants in pants, for all the post-punk-loving busybodies.

Straight-fit Bráulio Amado x unpun pants

2. Wide leg in mush - for all the mushroom admirers.

Wide Leg Bráulio Amado x unpun pants

3. Straight fit in space camo - for the space nerds & sci-fi fans

Straight fit Bráulio Amado x unpun pants

About the collection:

These jeans are a special kind of special [and not only because they are made for you]. We've made sure to design these with as little negative impact as possible.

These limited edition jeans are made from organic denim and custom-made to order based on your specifications. They will be pre-sold for two weeks only, after which they will be crafted just for you. Besides being custom, the funky patterns you see on the jeans are achieved using a laser machine. Lasers have transformed the jeans industry eliminating harmful processes for workers, improving environmental impact in the denim industry, and pioneering new ways for creativity in denim designs. We use the lasers from our industry friends at Jeanologia®.

Our jeans are washed using a closed-loop water recycling system and only use Bluesign® approved chemicals during the washing process, so you can wear them with peace of mind knowing that they're eco-friendly. Plus, the colorful prints on the denim are done using a zero-water printing process by Kornit Digital.

Get in our pants:

With a little extra personality, these jeans are perfect for anyone looking for something unique. Available for $250, the unspun x Bráulio Amado collection will be available for purchase November 3-17 November 2022. Hem, waist, and thread colors are customizable. As with all unspun denim orders placed, you can expect them to arrive within 4-6 weeks.

This collection supports planned parenthood.

One-of-a-kind jeans, for one-of-a-kind people. Made for you. Made with love.

Follow Bráulio on Instagram.

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Combining Bráulio Amado’s signature, irreverent approach to design with unspun's body scan technology means each design in the collection is as fun and unique as you.

November 3, 2022
Annika Visser
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