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How To Style Flare Jeans - A Guide By unspun

Flare jeans are back! This versatile style can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Societies biggest trendsetters opt for flare jeans for everyday wear, pairing them with casual graphic tees and a jacket. However, to dress them up they often opt for a simple black t-shirt or tank top with a neutral colored trench coat for a simple yet sophisticated and stylish look. Flare jeans are usually associated with a 70’s costume idea, but there’s many ways of styling them to fit your modern aesthetic. 

H2: Designing Your Flare Jeans With unspun

What sets us apart from other jean companies is that we allow for customers to completely customize their flare jeans. From the rise, stitch, color, and even hem, you can create your ideal pair of jeans to flatter your own personal style and body type. 

H3: Rise

You can choose from high, mid, or low rise for your pair of flares. Most people’s go-to flare jean is a high rise, as it's seen as “retro” and nostalgic of 70’s fashion. High rise features a waistband that fits above the waist. Mid rise jeans, however, are meant to be worn at your natural waist and are often described as “normal rise”. While high rise covers most of your stomach, mid rise only covers some of it. Finally, low rise jeans are making a major comeback. This rise of jeans does not cover much of your stomach and is meant to be worn below the natural waist. 

H3: Stitch

When creating your personalized pair of flare jeans you can pick from many different stitch colors, gold, red, black, white, and navy. By picking a bolder color, such as gold or red, you are choosing your jeans to be more of a statement piece. As opposed to choosing a neutral color like black, white, or navy, which ultimately creates a classic staple piece in your closet. 

H3: Denim Wash

Our flare jeans come in three different washes: vintage black, organic mid vintage, and organic light vintage. Depending on what you are pairing with your jeans, there are a variety of jean colors to play around with to create the best possible outfit. Our vintage black color is a solid black. The organic light vintage color is a bit lighter than the traditional light colored jean because it is dyed using a zero water process. The organic mid vintage is the perfect in-between color but is also a little lighter and different than the conventional medium colored jean due to being dyed the same way as our light colored jeans. 

H2: Flare Jeans For An Everyday Look

The amazing thing about flare jeans is that they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. The perfect everyday look features your favorite pair of Unspun flare jeans with a simple vintage tee and your favorite sneakers. For a more sophisticated yet still simple everyday look, you can add a trendy oversized blazer or trench coat to keep you warm and channel the model-off-duty look. The key to styling flare jeans is pairing simplistic silhouettes with dramatic shapes. Therefore, pairing a simple tighter top with the jeans will help create a minimalistic yet stylish aesthetic. For the fall and winter seasons, a tucked in sweater and chunky boots will elevate your everyday look while wearing your favorite pair of Unspun flare jeans. 

H2: Dressing Up Your Flare Jeans

You may not think there’s a way to dress up your flare jeans but you’ll be surprised by how many outfits you can create to go from the office to date night. Your everyday look of flare jeans with a solid colored t-shirt and blazer can be worn with a pair of heels to make it office appropriate. This outfit can also be a great option for a simple coffee date. For a fun night out, dressed up look you can try a corset with heels. Remember, a jewelry and purse make everything better, so don't forget to layer your favorite necklaces, put on your favorite statement ring, and add a cute bag to elevate your look. 

H2: About unspun’s Flare Jeans

Our flare jeans are made with 100% organic cotton to create the most comfortable jeans possible. Create your perfect pair of flare jeans that sit just right on your body by utilizing our 3D printing technology, all you have to do is scan your body using our Iphone app and we do the rest. Pick your desired wash, rise, and hem and we will create the best pair of flare jeans for you. 

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Flare jeans are back! This versatile style can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

September 5, 2022
Kevin Martin

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