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Got questions? We have all the answers.

You've come to the right place! Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our jeans.

What the FAQ?

How does it work?

unspun™ custom jeans are made-to-order. You choose your fit and customize the details. Then you take a 3D body scan on our unspun™ iPhone app. We design your jeans on your digital model. To create your digital model, you do a quick spin in front of the camera. Your iPhone projects over 30,000 dots of infrared light onto your body. As you rotate 360°, the FaceID sensor stitches all these depth maps together to create a hyper-accurate 3D body model— completely unique to you.

The result? No sizes, no fuss- just perfect-fit jeans.

Download our iPhone app.

How do I do a body scan?

A perfect fit needs a perfect scan. Each pair of unspun jeans are custom made to fit your specs.

After you order, download the unspun™ iPhone app. Grab your favorite form-fitting gear (think yoga pants or tight-fitting underwear) and change into those. When you're ready, open your app & follow the instructions. To create your digital avatar you'll do a quick (10-second) spin in front of the camera.

Need to scan?

➡️ Click this link ⬅️ from your iPhone to download our app and take a 3D body scan.

In the app, tap the scan button in the home screen menu. Make sure to sign in with the account you used to order.

✅ Kindly wear skintight clothing for your scan. Yoga pants, running tights, boxer briefs, sports bras, and compression shirts are cool.

👎 Jeans, sweatpants, boxer shorts, t-shirts, and sweaters are not cool. Also, shoes: not cool.

📲 Feel free to reference the model in this scan instructional video.

How does the tech work?

As you rotate 360°, your iPhone projects over 30,000 dots of infrared light onto your body using the FaceID sensor. Our tech then stitches all these depth maps together to create a hyper-accurate 3D body model— completely unique to you.

How long does it take?

​​Our jeans are shipped worldwide & delivered to your door 4 - 5 weeks after you place your order and successfully upload your scan.

You will also receive order updates by email, check your spam!

Are these jeans truly custom fit?

Each pair is made from scratch & to order— they'll even have your name and a unique serial code inside them. Truly one of a kind, because you're worth it. Each pair starts with a 3D scan & selection of your fit preferences. Our algorithm then goes to work fitting your design to your digital avatar— creating the perfect patterns for your jeans, all in 3D. Your custom patterns are then laser cut from denim, and sewn together by hand— et voila! Custom-fit jeans.

Do I have to be a certain size to wear unspun™ jeans?

No! We have no sizes and make each pair custom to fit you.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive brand. Any[body] and everybody is welcome to try our jeans. As long as we get your measurements via the body scan in our iPhone app. We can make you jeans that are your size. For special requests, such as denim for children, or individuals that are physically unable to scan, please reach out to our customer service team, we’d gladly assist you.

Is there really a 100% fit guarantee?

We happen to make the best-fitting jeans on the planet and we're so confident in our denim that we offer a 100% fit guarantee or your money back. If your unspun™ jeans don't fit perfectly, simply reach out to our customer service team and we'll make it right.

Our goal is to provide you with a perfect custom pair of jeans, and we're not happy until you are.

Give feedback by filling out this form, or reach out to our customer service.

What if I don’t like my jeans?

Don't worry. When we say 100% fit guarantee, we mean it. You should love your jeans. If you don't, we'll fix them 'till you do. Returns & remakes are always on us.

Before you receive your new jeans, we’d like to give you a little reminder that looks can be deceiving. At first, your jeans may appear much smaller than anticipated, but don’t worry—they begin to form to your body after you put them on!

We encourage you to move and dance around in them, then wait a few minutes for the magic to happen! This is denim that KNOWS your body. We can’t wait to hear what you think! On the fence? Read our denim guide and fit faq here.

Or, let us know what you think by filling out this form.

Will my iPhone work?

Our scanning technology uses FaceID, which means our app works with all FaceID-enabled phones (iPhone X and newer).

Our app is not currently available on Android (sign up for updates here).

Do you have an ambassador program?

Yes! And it’s full of perks. Get paid, make friends, and wear awesome jeans. What more do you need? Sign up here.

Shipping and returns policy

As of December 8 2022, below are our standard shipping rates. We ship from San Francisco and Hong Kong, often depending on which location is closer to you (and a lower carbon footprint on it's journey).

USA - Free shipping & returns

Hong Kong - Free shipping & returns

Canada - USD $10

EU (excluding Italy) - USD $25

Italy - USD $60

United Kingdom - USD $40

Japan - USD $20

Korea - USD $30

Oceania - USD $40

Everywhere else - Free shipping & returns

VAT, Import Duties, and Taxes

Unfortunately, unspun has no control over the policies of sovereign governments.

We want everyone to be able to afford a great pair of jeans— custom manufacturing is a labor-intensive challenge! We've priced our jeans as aggressively as we can, and don't want to raise prices across the board to offset VAT, Duties, and Import Taxes for only a portion of our customers. As such, unspun is unable to cover duties, VAT, and taxes, and can not reimburse these if you live in a country that requires these.

Return Policy

We offer free returns and remakes within a 60-day window. You’ll have 60 days after you receive your jeans to let us know if they’re not perfect— don't worry about the tags! Put them on, wear them out, and give them a full test drive. We’ll gladly remake or fix them for you within this timeframe.

We do offer free repairs for the first two years.

$200 is a high price to pay for jeans

We definitely don't want to empty your wallet. But the way we look at it is any investment has an upfront cost --quality jeans included.

Built into that is our 100% fit guarantee and free repairs within the first two years of wear.

Just sayin'.  If you decide you don't want to wear jeans with a belt, you know where to find us!

Have any further questions? Send us a message! :)

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What the FAQ

Dec 12, 2022
Melissa Castillo
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