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Got questions? We have all the answers.

How does it work?

unspun™ custom jeans are made-to-order. You choose your fit and customize the details. Then you take our fit survey and a 3D body scan on our unspun™ iPhone app. We design your jeans on your digital model. To create your digital model, you do a quick spin in front of the camera. Your iPhone projects over 30,000 dots of infrared light onto your body. As you rotate 360°, the FaceID sensor stitches all these depth maps together to create a hyper-accurate, yet anonymized, 3D body model— completely unique to you.”

The result? No sizes, no fuss- just perfect-fit jeans.

How long does it take?

4 - 5 weeks. That’s once you place an order and take a scan on the unspun app. Why so long? Turnaround time includes the design, production, and delivery of your jeans. And we only make a pair after you order it.Look out for email updates in your Inbox. Or maybe in your Promotions and Spam folders. 😄

Shipping policy

Free shipping and returns for customers in the USA and Hong Kong. We happen to rep both places. 🤙For customers everywhere else, we love you. See our shipping rates below.Rates do not cover, and we cannot reimburse, import fees or duties levied on your jeans. Sorry about that. For reference, we ship from San Francisco USA, Guangdong Province China, and Istanbul Province Turkey.

unspun shipping rates as of May 2023

Returns policy

Fit issues happen. That’s why we offer to make you a new pair of jeans or refund your jeans for 30 days after your pair is delivered. Here’s the way it works. If your jeans don’t fit you so damn well and you’d like to…

Fix your fit:

First, please fill out our Testdrive Survey. We’ll send you a follow-up email to better understand your fit issues. Second, please reply to our follow-up email within the 30 day policy window. If you don’t, we can no longer offer to fix or refund your jeans.

Refund your jeans:

First, please fill out our Testdrive Survey or contact us here. We’ll send you a follow-up email with a return label. Second, please mail your jeans to us within the 30 day policy window. If you don’t, we can no longer offer to fix or refund your jeans.

Some fine print:

We’re not tailors per se. We want to make you jeans that fit according to what we offer.

So if you’d like to fix your fit, we ask you to keep in mind: We won’t modify the style of your jeans into one we don’t offer. We won’t modify the customizations of your jeans into those we don’t offer. We won’t make adjustments to the design of your jeans that are less than or equal to 0.5 inches / 1.25 centimeters.

Questions? No worries. Talk to us here.

Need to scan?

➡️ Click this link ⬅️ from your iPhone to download our app and take a 3D body scan.

In the app, tap the scan button in the home screen menu. Make sure to sign in with the account you used to order.

✅ Kindly wear skintight clothing for your scan. Yoga pants, running tights, boxer briefs, sports bras, and compression shirts are cool.

👎 Jeans, sweatpants, boxer shorts, t-shirts, and sweaters are not cool. Also, shoes: not cool.

📲 Feel free to reference the model in this scan instructional video.

Do I need to complete the survey and do a body scan?

Well, yes and no. Although taking the fit survey is not mandatory at the moment, it will give us the best shot at making your perfect pair. It complements the data we receive from your scan.

Beyond that, we aim to make unspun custom-fit products accessible to everyone, not just iPhone users. By completing the fit survey, you are helping us move closer to achieving that goal.

How does the tech work?

As you rotate 360°, your iPhone projects over 30,000 dots of infrared light onto your body using the FaceID sensor. Our tech then stitches all these depth maps together to create a hyper-accurate 3D body model— completely unique to you.

Are these jeans truly custom fit?

Oh yeah they are. We design our styles of jeans to fit you specifically. We don’t just send something off the shelf that you might fit into. But really “custom” has two components. The first is what you want. This is the style you’d like your jeans to be, and the fabric, the waist rise, and the hem length you’d like your jeans to have. In a word, the customizations of your fit. The second component is how that fits. Here’s where we come in. Our fit algorithms dress your customizations on the digital model of your figure. We refine the measurements of your jeans from there.And voilà: a unique pair of jeans custom-fit for you. We even print your name on the inside of the front right pocket to make a point of it.

Do I have to be a certain size to wear unspun™ jeans?

Nope. 😎 We don't carry sizes. Instead we make jeans for your figure. In your size.And how do we know your size? From your 3D body scan.That's why any body and everybody is welcome to try our jeans.

Will I need to break in my jeans?

In general, yeah, you will. But don't worry. There's a method to the madness. We tend to design our jeans to be a bit snug when you first try them on. That's because the fabric will grow a bit after you keep them on.

😄 So wearing your jeans for several days will most often tease out any tightness. A nice walk can help too! Also keep in mind, the less stretchy your fabric is, the more time it may take to break in. If you sense your fit is slightly off though, we have a few tips for you.

Check out our Fit FAQ or chat with us.

Is there really a 100% fit guarantee?

Oh yeah there is. Our jeans are made to fit you better than off-the-rack jeans. Because, you know, they’re custom-fit. That’s why we guarantee your pair will fit you so damn well. If they don’t? We’ll make good on it. Meaning we’ll make you a new pair of jeans if need be or otherwise refund your jeans. First read about breaking in your jeans. Then read the deets in our Return Policy.

Give feedback by filling out this form, or contact us here.

What if I don’t like my jeans?

Don't worry. When we say 100% fit guarantee, we mean it. You should love your jeans. If you don't, we'll fix them 'till you do. Returns & remakes are always on us.

Before you receive your new jeans, we’d like to give you a little reminder that looks can be deceiving. At first, your jeans may appear much smaller than anticipated, but don’t worry—they begin to form to your body after you put them on!

We encourage you to move and dance around in them, then wait a few minutes for the magic to happen! This is denim that KNOWS your body. We can’t wait to hear what you think! On the fence? Read our denim guide and fit faq here.

Or, let us know what you think by filling out this form.

Will my iPhone work?

Our scanning technology uses FaceID, which means our app works with all FaceID-enabled phones (iPhone X and newer).

Our app is not currently available on Android (sign up for updates here).

Do you have an ambassador program?

Not at the moment.

$200 is a high price to pay for jeans

We definitely don't want to empty your wallet. But the way we look at it is any investment has an upfront cost --quality jeans included.

Built into that is our 100% fit guarantee and free repairs within the first two years of wear.

Just sayin'.  If you decide you don't want to wear jeans with a belt, you know where to find us!

Have any further questions? Send us a message! :)

What happens to my data?

unspun is GDPR compliant, and protecting your personal information is always a priority. We will never sell or share your data, and 3D scan data is only used for avatar generation and digital tailoring; access to body measurements and fit survey data is restricted to only the necessary teams within unspun.

If you have more questions, please contact us at or see terms of use.

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Got questions? We have all the answers.

Dec 12, 2022
Annika Visser
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